Packaging with Purpose


Sourcing the right fiber was just the first step in our journey to making Hoot a reality. As we put the finishing touches on our sheets, we thought a lot about how they would get to bedrooms across the country.

Packaging is a difficult problem for companies to tackle, as there is a balance in creating the right first impression for the customer while minimizing negative impact on the environment. Packaging is responsible for 40 percent of plastic pollution and represents one-third of all non-industrial waste. We knew we could do better.

We are proud to partner with Colorado-based EcoEnclose, a company dedicated to creating the most sustainable shipping products. An industry leader, they bring innovation and eco-solutions to shipping supplies, by developing packaging made with as much recycled content as is humanly possible. Guided by their sustainable packaging framework, EcoEnclose is committed to making thoughtful decisions based on the entire lifecycle of a material.

Each poly mailer that delivers your set of Hoot sheets is made from 100% recycled content, giving new life to discarded material, and features a dual adhesive strip for reuse before recycling. Though durable, they are significantly lighter and thinner than other packaging options, making them more energy efficient to ship.

When you do receive your sheets, be sure to recycle your poly mailer by finding a drop-off location and stay tuned for more posts on how we work to achieve sustainability across our supply chain.