Founded in 2018, Hoot was a wake-up call.

After moving in together, we set out to curate a home (alright, a 450 square foot apartment) that reflected both our minimalist style and our environmental values. 

The search for environmentally friendly bedding challenged us, as we found ourselves discouraged and confused by the options out there.

When we finally found that there was a way to create sustainable and ethical sheets, we knew we had to do it ourselves.




We believe that minimizing your individual impact on the world is accomplished through a series of small choices made each day.

We are committed to making the best product, then figuring out how to make it even better. We strive to provide full transparency on our processes, so you can get a good and green night’s sleep.

We will use our company to inspire environmental change, and encourage our customers to hold us accountable. 


Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Chris and Laura are proof that opposites attract.

Chris hails from the West Coast paradise of California and is the creative driver behind Hoot. Laura was born and raised on the East Coast in New York City and is the business partner keeping the seams together. 

When Chris, an early bird, isn’t coaxing Laura, a night owl, out of bed, they spend their days together traveling, rock climbing, and planning their next adventure.